ECLAZ® Glazing: Building A Brighter Tomorrow


Internorm by NeüFenster windows has set the bar high by using premium glass coating ECLAZ®, the best insulating glass production on the market, as a standard for our products.

We know that daylight is crucial to the health and well-being of individuals. Therefore, choosing the right window with the proper glass coating can maximize these benefits to its fullest potential.


When comparing to conventional market glazing, we know that ECLAZ® offers:

In Other Words

The list of advantages is simply unbeatable, and thanks to Saint-Gobain’s extensive research and development, the creation of new-found premium reinforced thermal insulation glazing was made possible.

Ambiente UPVC Tilt-and-Turn Doors
Ambiente UPVC Tilt-and-Turn Windows

ECLAZ® truly allows us to experience the best of both worlds; the thermal insulation of triple glazing (no matter the orientation or the region) combined with the level of natural light of double glazing. 

Our Contribution to the Environment

NeüFenster remains extremely proud to offer clients such high-quality premium products, while having a real positive impact on the environment. We believe it is our duty as human beings to make educated purchasing decisions, where we can contribute in building a better tomorrow. 

With the ability to save energy, protect the environment, and use long lasting materials (thus decreasing waste in landfills), we can confidently say that the desperate need for environmental protection and sustainable development is met with all of our products.

Building A Brighter Tomorrow

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