The Truth About Lift & Slide Doors

Truth is… they’re pretty awesome.

From classic 2-panel, to 3-panel, to double-sliding designs, lift & slide doors are one of the greatest ways to brighten up your home and add reliable security.  This week we are so excited to share with you why lift & slide doors are such superior doors in the building materials industry.  Not only do European lift & slide doors offer a much higher performance, but their security features are also truly hard to beat.

high performance

Security Features

The lift & slide doors are equipped with toughened glass panes inside and outside as standard protection from glass breakage injuries. Even with a sash of up to 400 kg in weight, lifting the doors is extremely simple and smooth. 

Our lift & slide doors come with a standard for easy lifting and gentle lowering of the sliding element. Due to a well-designed guiding rail that is concealed in the frame, our lift & slide doors have an integrated bump stop, all contributing to a combination of perfect appearance, smooth running and optimum burglary protection. 

Incredible thermal insulation and stability is achieved with a highly thermally insulating glass fibre threshold. Additionally, the low threshold is perfectly suitable for wheel-chair access as an option. 

Fixed element glazing is directly in the frame, which means that there is no visible sash profile and it even allows for more light through narrow view widths. Finally, an aluminum surface means a very generous number of colour selections to suit your ideal style.

Let’s dive deeper into some of NeüFenster’s most popular lift & slide products, offered in UPVC, UPVC-aluminum, and even wood-aluminum.


A durable aluminum clad exterior and UPVC interior, this modern square-edged lift & slide floods rooms with light and makes rooms appear more spacious.


5900 mm x 2800 mm
= 20 ft X 9 ft in two panels

In addition to being able to reach above average industry sizes, triple glazing ensures maximum thermal efficiency and sound reduction values. Furthermore, the glass fibre low threshold improves the door’s stability, reduces tripping hazard, and again makes it very suitable for wheel-chair access. 


  • Thermal Efficiency: UW as low as 0.64 W/m²K
  • Sound Reduction: Up to 43 dB
  • Security: Resistance classes RC1N and RC2 | Concealed locking


With a weather-resistant aluminum exterior and a natural wood surface on the interior, this lift & slide offers exceptional heat retention.  


5800 mm x 2800 mm
= 19 FT X 9 FT in two panels

It is of course suitable for Passive House construction, due to the profile’s exceptional performance. Its angular construction and milled guiding rails complement modern designs. 

The energy-saving fibre glass threshold is also available in a low-level design for a minimal appearance and offers a choice of three attractive handles to complete the look. 

The narrow frame profiles allow for maximum light and where the door can be completely rendered on three sides, with side elements only glass is visible.


  • Thermal Efficiency: UW as low as 0.73 W/m²K
  • Sound Reduction: Up to 40 dB
  • Security: Resistance classes RC1N and RC2 | Concealed locking

The Truth About Lift & Slide Doors

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