UPVC Windows


UPVC windows are affordable, durable, insensitive to moisture, and have low conductivity. No surprise that this material is widely used in the construction industry. 

When heated, UPVC is extremely flexible. Therefore, it facilitates the shaping of the frame, such as rounded and pointed arches. However, once this material is hardened it becomes very robust. The result is a weather-resistant and maintenance-free surface.

Our selection of UPVC windows are available in a classic white frame, with additional colour foils available upon request. Add mullions or Georgian bars for a traditional design. 



European UPVC Windows in Canada

When you own a home, you want every aspect of it to be beautiful, and that includes the windows! If you’re looking for high-grade European UPVC Windows, Neüfenster offers top-notch custom windows you will fall in love with. We offer signature quality products and designs that allow you to choose from a variety of different styles, colors, and decorative elements. Our Tilt and Turn Window Designs will add an extra touch of class and style to your home, and when you Buy European Tilt and Turn Windows you’re not just getting a product, you’re getting the look and feel that only a European company could give.

Benefits of UPVC Windows

UPVC is a very flexible material and when heated, can be molded into many different extrusion patterns, providing for unique and custom design options. Examples of these custom windows would be the possibility of rounded or pointed arch designs, which are far more complex and expensive to achieve with materials such as wood or aluminum. Some European Triple Glazed Windows can also reach dimensions of more than 3 meters (close to 10 ft) in either height or width, demonstrating the material’s durability. These expansive size thresholds permit beautiful open views without having to segment the window into many smaller division units.

Due to UPVC Windows Frame molecular composition, their surface is insensitive to moisture, preventing material corrosion over time and creating a natural resistance to the collection of dust and dirt particles, requiring less frequent cleaning.

UPVC is inherently fire retardant as its high chlorine content acts as a natural flame retardant, reducing its native combustibility. Unlike other building materials such as wood, UPVC is not only flame retardant but can be considered self-extinguishing.

Thermoplastic materials, such as UPVC, can be recycled at a low cost and with relatively little effort, generating a net environmental benefit. This means that in many years, when your UPVC windows will require replacing, you will be able to have them recycled and placed back into the production of other UPVC products, reducing the use of primary resources.

European UPVC windows are offered in a tilt and turn style that offers far better ventilation for your home as they can be both open inward for cleaning and tilted inward for draft-free air circulation, even when raining. German Tilt and Turn Windows are a great option as they have so much versatility for your home and you know you’re getting a high-quality product.

Certain European UPVC Window Models, particularly those that include triple glazing, offer superior security standards via thicker glass, additional glass layers, and 4-sided interlocking mechanisms that make it near impossible to pry the window open. These security features are offered on specific UPVC Tilt and Turn Windows, providing extraordinary functionality, all within one framed unit.

Both the window frame and the glass unit contribute to the overall isomerization of a window. UPVC and triple pane windows can offer a sound reduction of up to 47 decibels, which can greatly impact the likelihood of environmental noise pollution such as airplane flyovers, lawnmowers, highway traffic, etc.

High-performance windows can last a very long time. While different manufacturers vary in their estimates, everyone agrees that UPVC is uniquely designed to outlast many other building materials, such as wood as it does not rot, warp, peel, or chip.

UPVC is often used when energy-efficient windows are required for building projects, including passive house projects. This is due to its exceptional thermal insulation in triple glazing models. Certain UPVC windows can achieve U-values of 0.62 W/m2K, making them twice as effective as the base Canadian Energy Star requirements for windows. It is important to note that double-glazed UPVC windows rarely achieve this level of energy efficiency.

UPVC, being naturally resistant to moisture, provides the benefit of holding up well against harsh climates and weather conditions such as rain, snow, and ice. This resistance helps to ensure long-term durability.

Why Choose Our European UPVC Windows for Your Dream Home in Canada?

If you’re looking to Buy the Best European Windows, look no further. When shopping for reliable, durable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient windows, you will be hard pressed to find a better solution than our Triple Pane UPVC Window Products. These high-performance windows and sliding doors can be built in a wide range of custom sizes and colors, offering tilt and turn functionality and industry-leading airflow security options that will leave you feeling safe and secure inside your home. The tilt turn windows function provides extraordinary airflow into your home and when closed, offers passive house-level standards of air tightness that will reduce your energy bills and constantly remind you why triple glazing is superior to standard double-glazed windows.

UPVC is also a more cost-effective material than either wood or aluminum, helping save money yet obtain many of the value-added benefits of high-performance window products. The cost of a UPVC window varies due to its size, color, frame, and materials used, so it’s always best to get in contact with a member of our team, and we’ll be more than happy to assist with any questions that you might have!

FAQs regarding European UPVC Windows

A window in which all or part of the frame is made from UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride), usually containing either a double or triple pane glass unit.

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride does not contain phthalates or BPA, rendering it a safe product for the environment.

UPVC windows offer durability, energy efficiency, flame retardance, and soundproofing and are made from an easily recyclable material with a low carbon footprint.

PVC has been banned in Europe and all toy products in the United States due to its toxic properties. UPVC, the “U” standing for “unplasticized”, is a safer product that does not cause the same harmful effects to the environment and does not release the same toxic fumes as PVC when exposed to high temperatures.

Tilt and turn windows offer optimized operability and have a series of hinges that permit for the window to be opened entirely for full ventilation or cleaning and also tilted to provide excellent airflow and ventilation without entirely opening the window.

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