Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Properly informing and educating our clients on our products is one of our most important values. We strive to answer all your questions, as we understand that purchasing your home’s windows and doors is an important decision.

1. What are the advantages of tilt & turn windows?

VENTILATION is one of the most obvious benefits of tilt and turn windows, since the dual option allows for a more precise control of the homeowner’s environment. This feature allows one to for example, be able to open the window during a summer rain storm using the tilt feature, while preventing water from entering the building. As hot air rises, the tilt option allows for better ventilation and is efficient in getting rid of stale air. It also allows for the entire window to be completely open using the turn option and is therefore a product with a varied yet accurate control of ventilation.

EASY TO CLEAN is something we seldom hear one say when North American windows are involved. However European tilt & turn windows allow you to safely clean the exterior of your windows whilst inside your home, by placing the window in the turn position. Say goodbye to ladders and back strains, as your exhausting spring cleaning just became a regular easy maintenance.

MORE SECURITY is an automatic bonus when purchasing tilt & turn windows, as there are up to 7-point locking systems and is impossible to be forced or pulled open from the exterior. The tilt position is also a fantastic feature that aids in enabling ventilation while keeping the high security aspects of the window.

AESTHETICS is all the rage when purchasing your windows; and with reason. So why not combine high quality with style? Whether you opt for UPVC or wood-aluminum windows, your options are nearly limitless with the combinations of handles, colors, glazing, and frame choices. Our windows offer multiple sizing options, where a maximum size of 51 in. wide by 106 in. high for one operating panel can be achieved with our KF 520 model. This can be compared to the North American window average of only 31 in. wide by 72 in. high.  A beautiful home means well-planned details and choosing the perfect finish and size can really complete a look and increase the value of your home.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE ENERGY EFFICIENCY is what makes tilt & turn windows stand out massively from traditional North American windows. Our windows are Passive House certified, which means that they are able to maintain an optimal indoor climate, without increasing electric costs or causing harm to the environment. European windows have been tested for higher standards in energy conservation and long-lasting product quality. This makes for tilt & turn windows to be the most eco-friendly and economical option.

2. What are the advantages of a lift & slide door?

Lift & slide doors allows for the same advantages as tilt & turn windows. 

They are also highly praised for their

LARGER GLASS PANELS AND A BETTER VIEW in which we are proud to be able to reach and offer a size of up to 17 ft. wide by 9 ft. high in two panels. This allows homeowners to create a brighter space and take full advantage of beautiful sceneries.  

BETTER SOUNDPROOFING removes any limitations or annoyance associated with noisy neighbors, or even living next to a busy highway. Suddenly noise levels become extremely manageable and quality of life at home improves.

ADVANCED HARDWARE means that our very heavy and robust lift & slide doors actually require little effort to lift the sliding panels, followed by smoothly moving them open and closed.

ADDED SECURITY is attained with an extremely heavy and robust product. Just like the tilt & turn windows, multi-point locking systems that surpass industry standards make it impossible to break in. 

3. How much more performant is a 48mm-56mm triple pane glass vs. a regular 26mm low-e argon glass?

The more number of glass panes used, better the insulating property. The thickness of each individual pane is an additional factor to consider. European windows in particular are better resistant to condensation which reduces the energy consumption especially in colder climates, such as those in North America. 

While most North American windows use double and thinner panes, European windows have triple and thicker panes, with integrated blinds as a cherry on top.

Recently, North American windows begun introducing triple panes. However, even with this new development, the outer and inner panes have smaller space between them than European panes, and the glass itself is thinner. This means that North American triple pane windows are still not considered as resilient as European windows are to extreme climates, like the ones we have in Canada. 

The chemical makeup in European windows, such as UPVC, Low-E glass and a low U-value improve the thermal efficiency of the windows, ultimately keeping the heat out in summer and prevents the indoor heat from escaping during winter. These combined with the proper number of panes as well as sufficient pane thickness, is the recipe for a perfect window. To compare, North American double pane Low-E argon glass has a U-value of 1.5 – 1.6, whereas a European triple pane window can have a U-value as low as 0.4, proving once again its above industry standards.

4. Are premium window and door systems worth the extra expense?

Although the initial purchase of European windows and doors is slightly more expensive, their overall value including their astounding average lifespan of 60-70 years and energy savings that take affect the moment they are installed, significantly outweighs the initial slightly less-expensive costs of the North American windows and doors.

There is an unfortunate current trend in the North-American market in which homeowners allow their contractor to make most of their building materials purchasing decisions. These decisions very frequently based on cost, and therefore disregard performance, quality and lifespan of the windows and doors. This can ultimately hinder the homeowner’s quality of life and energy expenses.

On average, by spending around 10-15% more on these high-performance products, you are in turn saving a lot more in the long run, allowing for this important purchase to be one of the greatest investments in one’s life.

5. How long is delivery for European windows?

NeüFenster estimates delivery to be 10-12 weeks from the moment the order is placed. Due to Internorm’s large manufacturing capabilities, we are able to give precise dates and remain on time and aligned with our client’s projects. Two showroom locations are available to help guide your purchasing decision and allow for you to tour our products in-person.

6. Who covers the warranty for European windows purchased in Canada?

Our Internorm European windows are 100% manufactured in Austria. Internorm has 14,000 dealers in 23 countries, and NeüFenster is the exclusive distributor of Internorm products in North America. A homeowner has the liberty to contact us to get after-sale service.

Internorm demonstrates their commitment to producing quality products through their warranty policy. Going above the industry norm, Internorm ensures that you enjoy the comfort of your home and guarantees the quality of your investment, by offering an astonishing 10-year warranty and 30-year commitment.

Answering your FAQs

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Directrice des ventes – Ontario


NeüFenster est ravi d’avoir une équipe aussi incroyable à travers le Canada. Accueillons Kate Lindsay, notre plus récente addition à l’équipe, qui entreprendra le poste de directrice des ventes dans la région de l’Ontario.

Kate aidera à développer la marque Internorm au Canada et aux États-Unis, en augmentant les ventes auprès de clients nouveaux et existants.

Elle vise à aider les architectes et les développeurs à réaliser des projets à leur plein potentiel, en les informant correctement des différents avantages que les fenêtres européennes de qualité ont à offrir.

Une personne très perspicace, logique et aimable, Kate a hâte de conquérir le marché nord-américain, où elle peut partager son expertise et ses connaissances concernant les produits les plus efficaces pour répondre aux besoins de ses clients.


Kate nous rejoint du nord-ouest de l’Angleterre, où elle a travaillé pour une organisation de matériaux de construction haut de gamme en tant que responsable du développement commercial, et plus tard  au titre de directrice des ventes en Angleterre et Irlande.

Là, Kate a développé avec succès le partenaire indépendant existant d’une petite entreprise locale à ce qui est maintenant un réseau national opérant dans toute l’Angleterre et l’Irlande. 

Elle a réussi à augmenter les ventes de la marque et, à son tour, à accroître et solidifier la notoriété de la marque.

En 2010, Kate a introduit la gamme de produits haut de gamme Internorm dans la gamme proposée par leur showroom. Elle a beaucoup d’expérience avec la marque Internorm et ses produits, ce qui lui permettra de continuer à assister ses clients NeüFenster.


Kate a été exposée très tôt aux matériaux de construction, car elle n’avait que 4 ans lorsque ses parents ont créé leur propre entreprise de fenêtres haut de gamme. Montrant déjà des signes d’intérêt, Kate a travaillé avec ses parents les fins de semaines et les vacances scolaires pour gagner de l’argent de poche. Elle a ensuite fréquenté l’université, complétant avec succès son BSc (Hons) en commerce de détail de l’UMIST Manchester en 2003.

Après l’université, Kate a commencé une carrière dans la publicité, mais s’est rendu compte qu’elle voulait continuer à poursuivre une carrière dans l’industrie dans laquelle elle a grandi, et est finalement retournée dans le monde des matériaux de construction en 2009. Ce n’est pas une surprise que Kate est prête à entreprendre le prochain défi ici en Amérique du Nord; elle est née pour ça!


Kate est très enthousiaste de se lancer un défi chez NeüFenster, mais elle est également extrêmement désireuse d’explorer son nouveau pays. Passionnée de vin, elle aime étudier le programme de vin du WSET et apprécier les vignobles locaux.

Kate apprend actuellement le suédois et aime voyager régulièrement en Suède car son fiancé, Magnus, est d’origine Laponie suédoise. Bien qu’il soit peut-être plus habitué au climat canadien que Kate, nous pensons qu’elle s’installera merveilleusement dans son nouveau pays.


Souhaitant à Kate une expérience passionnante et stimulante avec sa nouvelle équipe chez NeüFenster. Nous espérons également une belle transition pour Kate et son fiancé Magnus, alors qu’ils commencent leur vie à Toronto, au Canada.

Aidez-nous à accueillir Kate, en laissant un sympathique like et commentez ci-dessous comme une vraie Canadienne! Hein?

Si vous souhaitez réserver une consultation avec Kate, elle propose actuellement des réunions virtuelles pendant les restrictions de Covid 19 et prendra plus tard des rendez-vous dans la salle de montre à notre emplacement de Toronto.

Bienvenue dans l’équipe, Kate!

Directeur des ventes – Ontario

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Presenting Director of Sales – Ontario


NeüFenster is ecstatic to be building such an incredible team across Canada. Let us welcome Kate Lindsay, our newest addition to the team, who is tackling the position of Director of Sales in the Ontario region.

Kate will be helping grow the Internorm brand in Canada and the USA, by increasing sales with new and existing customers.

She aims to help architects and developers realize projects to their fullest potential, by properly informing them of the various benefits quality European windows have to offer.

A very insightful, logical and amiable individual, Kate is eager to take on the North American market, where she can share her expertise and knowledge regarding the most efficient products to suit her clients’ needs.

Life in the uk

Kate joins us from North-West England, where she worked for a premium building materials organization as Business Development Manager and later as Sales Director UK & Ireland.

There, Kate successfully developed the existing independent partner from a small local business to what is now a national network operating throughout the UK and Ireland.

She managed to increase sales for the brand and, in turn, further increase and solidify brand awareness.

In 2010, Kate introduced the Internorm premium product line into the range that was offered from their showroom. She has much experience with the Internorm brand and it’s products, which will allow her to further assist her NeüFenster clients.  

Kate's journey

Kate was exposed at an early age to building materials, as she was only 4 years old when her parents established their own premium window firm. Already showing signs of interest, Kate worked with her parents on weekends and school holidays for some pocket money. She then attended university, successfully completing her BSc (Hons) in Retailing from UMIST Manchester in 2003.

After university, Kate began a career in advertising but realized she wanted to continue pursuing a career in the industry she grew up in, and eventually went back to the world of building materials in 2009. It’s no surprise Kate is ready to take on the next challenge here in North America; she was born for it!


Kate is very excited to challenge herself at NeüFenster, but she is also extremely keen on exploring her new country. A wine enthusiast, she enjoys studying the WSET wine curriculum and appreciating local wineries.

Kate is currently learning Swedish and enjoys traveling to Sweden regularly as her fiancé, Magnus, is from Swedish Lappland. Although he may be more used to the Canadian climate than Kate, we think she will settle into her new country wonderfully.


Wishing Kate an exciting, driving and stimulating experience with her new team at NeüFenster. We also hope for a smooth transition for Kate and her fiancé Magnus, as they commence their lives in Toronto, Canada.

Help us welcome Kate, by leaving a friendly like and comment below like a true Canadian! Eh?

If you wish to book a consultation with Kate, she is currently offering virtual meetings during Covid 19 restrictions and will later be taking showroom appointments at our Toronto location.

Welcome to the team, Kate!

Director of Sales – Ontario

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Directeur des ventes – Québec


NeüFenster est très heureux de vous présenter notre nouveau membre de l’équipe, Sylvain Imbert, qui assumera le rôle de directeur des ventes dans la région de Québec.

Le rôle de Sylvain comprend la direction du développement des produits Internorm avec les architectes, les constructeurs et les développeurs.

Cela implique la prospection de nouveaux partenaires, ainsi que la présentation et la vente de nos produits et services.

Une personne très intelligente et méticuleuse, Sylvain est bien informé et s’efforce constamment de trouver les moyens de répondre au mieux aux besoins de ses clients.

« Depuis mon début avec Internorm je prends un énorme plaisir à représenter des produits de haute qualité, ce qui me permets d’aller au-delà de la satisfaction de mes clients. » – Sylvain Imbert


Sylvain est nouveau au Canada, commençant ce parcours avec nous de l’Europe, où il a travaillé pour la filiale Internorm France.

Son rôle en France a consisté à développer un réseau de distributeurs, ainsi que la mise en place de constructeurs spécialisés dans les constructions passives, ainsi que le suivi des architectes.


Une passion pour le design et la construction a commencé à un plus jeune âge, car Sylvain a commencé à étudier la menuiserie au Gaudier Breszka à seulement 15 ans. À la fin de ses études, il a intégré des entreprises entant que contremaitre, puis responsable de production, et enfin, conducteur de travaux. Il a principalement travaillé dans la menuiserie extérieure.

Un individu très charismatique, Sylvain a toujours été un communicateur naturel, et avec l’influence de plusieurs fabricants, il a commencé sa carrière en tant que représentant commercial en 2011. S’appuyant sur ses fondamentaux techniques, la transition pour Sylvain a été facile, car il a su diriger clairement et informer pleinement, établissant ainsi une confiance bien méritée avec ses partenaires et clients.


Nous espérons que Sylvain s’installera confortablement alors qu’il commence son parcours passionnant et stimulant avec nous ici à NeüFenster, en plus de commencer une nouvelle vie avec sa famille à Montréal, au Canada.

Si vous souhaitez accueillir Sylvain, n’oubliez pas de laisser un like et un commentaire ci-dessous!

Bienvenue dans l’équipe, Sylvain!

Directeur des ventes – Québec

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Restez à jour avec tous nos derniers produits innovants et projets amusants.

Presenting Director of Sales – Québec

Welcome to the team!

NeüFenster is very excited to present our newest team member, Sylvain Imbert, who will be taking on the role of Director of Sales in the Québec region.

Sylvain’s role includes leading the development of Internorm products with architects, builders, and developers.

This involves prospecting for new partners, as well as presenting and selling our products and services.  

A very intelligent and meticulous individual, Sylvain is well-informed and constantly striving to find ways to best suit his clients’ needs.

“Since my start with Internorm, I have taken enormous pleasure in representing high-quality products which allows me to go beyond the satisfaction of my customers.” – Sylvain Imbert

Life In Europe

Sylvain is new to Canada, embarking on this journey with us from Europe, where he worked for the Internorm France subsidiary.

His role in France consisted of developing a network of distributors, as well as the establishment of builders specializing in passive constructions, along with monitoring architects. 

Sylvain's Journey

A keen passion for design and construction began at a young age, as Sylvain started studying carpentry at the Gaudier Breszka at only 15 years old. At the end of his studies, Sylvain continued on his journey in carpentry where he joined companies as a foreman, then as a production manager, and later as a supervisor. He mainly worked in exterior carpentry.

A very charismatic individual, Sylvain was always a natural communicator, and with the influence of several manufacturers, he started his career as a Sales Representative in 2011. Relying on his technical fundamentals, the transition for Sylvain was easy, as he was able to direct clearly and inform fully, therefore building well-earned trust with his partners and clients.

Warm Wishes

We hope Sylvain settles in comfortably as he commences his exciting, stimulating, and challenging journey with us here at NeüFenster, in addition to beginning a new life with his family in Montréal, Canada.

If you wish to welcome Sylvain, be sure to leave a like and comment below!

Welcome to the team, Sylvain!

Presenting Director of Sales – Québec

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Eliminate Winter Window Condensation For Good

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Unless you have to deal with condensation on your windows of course…

Not being able to properly see outside, a poorly insulated home with wasted heat energy, and worse, possible mold and mildew in the drywall and furniture, are all linked to condensation.

Important Factors to Consider

In simple terms, condensation is when humidity in the air and a cold surface come into contact, turning gas into liquid, i.e. the water we can see forming on the windows.

Products currently available in the North American market suffer the most, even including Energy Star approved windows, where condensation continues to be an issue. The separation between the indoors and outdoors is greatly compromised, and the indoor panels are almost as cold as the outdoor panels, leading to severe condensation.

High performing windows like Internorm, allow the cold air to stay on the outdoor panel and the indoor panels to stay warm, therefore limiting any condensation.

An isothermal graph illustrates the effects of proper thermal insulation, and therefore high performance windows.

Oh Canada

Canada is notorious for cold winters, and with reason. So why does one of the coldest countries continue to install low quality windows, with poor capabilities of keeping us comfortable and safe in our homes during the harsh winters?

Many people think that making the air inside the home dryer can solve this problem. What they lack to acknowledge is how important more humid air is to our health, and how uncomfortable dry air can be, affecting our daily life.  


According to Healthline, the following are ways in which dry air can negatively affect one’s health:

  • Asthma and bronchitis
  • Sore throat
  • Dry skin and dermatitis
  • Eye Irritation
  • Nose bleeds
  • Higher stress levels
  • Dehydration
  • Risk of infection

So, can you get the best of both worlds?

The answer is YES you can!

It is in fact possible to have both an ideal amount of humidity in the air whilst completely eliminating condensation and the risks associated with it. The solution? Install high-performance triple pane windows.

Automatically eliminating any condensation that we normally associate to this time of year, you are even able to sit right next to your window comfortably without feeling any cold coming through.

Not only are you more comfortable in a home with triple pane windows, but you are actually saving money.

Energy Efficient European Triple Glazed Windows versus North American Double Glazed Windows NeuFenster Canada

Triple pane windows allow for the warm air inside your home to stay warm with a fraction of the energy that would normally be necessary when double pane windows are installed. Proper insulation keeps heat in and allows you to take advantage of the energy already being used.

That means that the cost of maintaining your warm home is significantly reduced, and you are even contributing to a better tomorrow, since Co2 emissions are not being exhausted in order to provide your home with the energy it needs.

Our Contribution to The Environment

NeüFenster remains extremely proud to offer clients such high-quality premium products, while having a real positive impact on the environment. We believe it is our duty as human beings to make educated purchasing decisions, where we can contribute in building a better tomorrow. 

With the ability to save energy, protect the environment, and use long lasting materials (thus decreasing waste in landfills), we can confidently say that the desperate need for environmental protection and sustainable development is met with all of our products.

Eliminate Winter Window Condensation For Good

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ECLAZ® Glazing: Building A Brighter Tomorrow


Internorm by NeüFenster windows has set the bar high by using premium glass coating ECLAZ®, the best insulating glass production on the market, as a standard for our products.

We know that daylight is crucial to the health and well-being of individuals. Therefore, choosing the right window with the proper glass coating can maximize these benefits to its fullest potential.


When comparing to conventional market glazing, we know that ECLAZ® offers:

In Other Words

The list of advantages is simply unbeatable, and thanks to Saint-Gobain’s extensive research and development, the creation of new-found premium reinforced thermal insulation glazing was made possible.

Ambiente UPVC Tilt-and-Turn Doors
Ambiente UPVC Tilt-and-Turn Windows

ECLAZ® truly allows us to experience the best of both worlds; the thermal insulation of triple glazing (no matter the orientation or the region) combined with the level of natural light of double glazing. 

Our Contribution to the Environment

NeüFenster remains extremely proud to offer clients such high-quality premium products, while having a real positive impact on the environment. We believe it is our duty as human beings to make educated purchasing decisions, where we can contribute in building a better tomorrow. 

With the ability to save energy, protect the environment, and use long lasting materials (thus decreasing waste in landfills), we can confidently say that the desperate need for environmental protection and sustainable development is met with all of our products.

Building A Brighter Tomorrow

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KF 520 is Everything You’ve Been Waiting For… And More

The Future is here

Introducing The KF 520 window

A uPVC/aluminum window, the KF 520 is the newest addition to our extensive list of premium windows. Combining innovative design with astounding technical features, this is the new generation of windows.

What can you expect from the design-window KF 520?

The Window Sash & I-tec Secure

A crucial part of the overall construction and durability of the window, a window sash holds the glass and the framework around the glass to keep it in place. KF 520 offers a seamless look as the glass appearance of the window sash allows it to not be visible from the outside.

Maximum security is a NeüFenster top priority for our clients. With the revolutionary locking I-tec Secure, levering of the window is impossible. Additionally, integrated flaps press on all sides into the frame interior when locking and thus ensure extraordinary burglary protection.

Let's Get Technical

Up to 46 dB for optimal sound reduction

Thermal Efficiency
UW as low as 0.63 W/m²K

Resistance class RC2; a fully integrated locking system

Construction Depth
uPVC: 90 mm | uPVC – Aluminum: 93 mm


The high-quality subtle square-edged handles match perfectly with the straight-lined design of KF 520 windows. Lockable handles or Secustik handles ensure even more security.

A range of special glazing options are offered to best provide our clients with optimal performance.

Optimize your interior and exterior design choices by choosing from our wide range of colours and finishes. 

The Future is Here 

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The finished installation of Hyphen Project

Our Collaboration with Hyphen Studio

The collaboration between Internorm by NeuFenster and the Hyphen Studio is one of a kind.  We are undoubtedly, extremely proud of this alliance. This collaboration has unquestionably resulted in a beautiful, magnificent and a highly energy-efficient custom home in the Greater Toronto Area.

Products Used for this Collaboration Project :

This small home looks and feels like a big space with installing Aluminum exterior- Wood interior HF 410 windows and HS 330 lift and slide doors. The large open windows and doors bring this rather seeming contrast to make the home very warm and well-lit.

The HF 410 is extra stable with I-tec core technology.  Laminated Veneer Lumber ( LVL ) makes up the structure of the window frame. HS 330 is characterized by the I-tec glazing feature. This provides continuous connection between the frame and the glass pane. This in turn, results in improved sound reduction and thermal efficiency. Both HF 410 and HS 330 provide excellent all-round protection with glass pane bonded. Further, the window sash ensures high-level of stability, thermal insulation, and security.

The Signature Style of the Hyphen Studio:

Showcasing the Hyphen Project
Installation Process of the Hyphen Studio Project

The installation of our large sized windows and our large floor to ceiling lift and slide doors have created bright and open spaces.

The warmth of the Hyphen Studio architects is felt abundantly in this home. This indeed, is the signature style of Hyphen Studio.

Collaboration in Installation:

Hyphen Project Window Installation
Vlad, our Window technician, assists the process on site.

Although Internorm By NeuFenster did not install the windows and doors for the project, we had our experienced window technician on site to guide the installation of the windows by the Hyphen Studio team.

A Low-Energy Home:

The Project is an excellent structure with efficient insulation as a result of installing our premium Internorm products. In conclusion, this home will bring you ever so close to the Passive House Standard.


I-tec Ventilation

I-Tec Ventilation For Your Windows

Ventilation is the provision for circulation of fresh air within any habitable architectural structure. There are two kinds of ventilation: Mechanical and Natural Ventilation. Mechanical ventilation is when there are fans and exhausts to drive in or drive out fresh/stale air respectively, for air circulation. Second is, Natural Ventilation where there is an intentional passive air flow into the building which is planned for air circulation.

Then there is mixed ventilation mode which utilizes both Natural and Mixed ventilation systems for optimal air quality. Internorm’s unique I-tec Ventilation system is one step beyond: it has a heat exchanger integrated into the window system to avail more efficient air circulation than a natural ventilation does. This is a boon for homes in extreme weather conditions-cold or hot, when the weather does not permit opening or closing of the windows for a long time.

How does I-tec Ventilation ensure Energy Efficiency?

Internorm windows’ ventilation mechanism- fitted with a heat exchanger, is completely integrated into the window frame system. This supplies the interior with fresh air on a demand basis and makes it comfortable while simultaneously keeping the heat loss to a minimum.

Unregulated quick air exchange or permanent air leakage can lead to massive thermal and energy loss. Thus the heat exchanger is a safety net with an almost 93% heat recovery. It also reduces the energy losses to a minimum.

With I-Tec ventilation feature of the Internorm windows, rooms are ventilated automatically, thermally efficiently, and according to your personal specification.

How does this system contribute to your health?

Fresh air ensures clearer minds, better sleeping, increased concentration and generally improved performance. Allergy and hay fever sufferers can breathe clearly again by choosing the option of filters in the I-tech ventilation. This prevents fine dust and flower pollen from coming into your home. Due to the regulated I-Tec ventilation your home’s air quality will significantly improve.

Does integrating this system spoil the design?

No, only a narrow ventilation grid is visible on the outside and inside of the window. The windows look classy and modern without compromising the energy efficient,high-performance.

I-tec Ventilation

The ventilator is fitted during the installation of the windows and not after they are installed. This ensures the intactness of the design.

The I-Tec ventilator is fully concealed and integrated into the window systems KF 500, KF 410 and KV 440.

Does this system have any safety and security features?

Yes, the I-Tec ventilation system has tight security benefits. Due to the window staying closed during the air exchange and therefore, the locks remain engaged to ensure maximum protection against break in. When leaving the house there is no uncertainty as to whether the windows have been left open after airing, therefore giving ultimate peace of mind that your home is properly secure.

 What are the other comfort factors that come along with I-tec Vent?

Windows that boast integrated I-Tec ventilation give your home a constant supply of clean, fresh air. Alternatively, damp, used air, unpleasant smells and pollutants are sucked out of your home and exchanged for fresh air. The control component is fitted to the window to enabling easy usage and convenient operation when ventilating your home. I-Tec ventilation can be controlled via the Smart Window App on your tablet or smart phone for incredibly easy usage.

The optional installation of filters prevents any fine dust or flower pollen from penetrating. The fan can be easily operated via a discreet control element attached directly to the window.

Can you covert these windows into smart windows?

Of course, yes! Internorm is a smart window product line!

If you want your home to be a more comfortable place , then Internorm’s I-tec SmartWindow could be a perfect solution. With this intelligent building control technology you can conveniently operate your windows’s ventilation and shading via your smartphone, tablet or PC – whether you’re at home or away.

Convenience is at the heart of Internorm’s I-tec SmartWindow. The easy-to-install system can be hooked up via your router to give you instant control of a range of features – from I-tec ventilation (giving you fresh air with minimal heat loss) and integral blinds through to fan light opening. You can roll shades up or down at the swipe of a screen and adjust the internal temperature to suit your requirements. The setup can be fitted with weather, temperature and humidity sensors to provide intelligent ventilation, too.

Furthermore, the technology can be extended to other home automation elements, such as dimmer lighting – you can fully adjust the living environment according to how you want to use a given room. Every element is controllable individually, but you can also pre-program various modes to suit activities such as watching movies, party set up, etc. You can even set up holiday modes so the house looks lived in while you’re away.

Whether you’re considering on renovation or new home building project, Internorm’s I-tec ventilation is the way to go! This integrated SmartWindow technology provides you the ability to make quick, convenient adjustments to the climate and atmosphere in your living spaces and hence, is a great choice!