Portes levantes et coulissantes

Vie intérieure-extérieure

Portes levantes et coulissantes

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UPVC et UPVC - Aluminium    |    bois - aluminium

Vie intérieure-extérieure


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Upvc et Upvc – Aluminium

bois - aluminium

Brouiller les lignes

Les coins en verre du sol au plafond sont une façon créative d'ajouter de la grandeur et de l'ouverture aux espaces de vie intérieurs et extérieurs. Nos portes levantes et coulissantes sont parfaitement adaptées aux qualités uniques de votre maison avec des solutions de conception, des finitions, des couleurs et plus encore. 

Grandes dimensions

Regardez les ouvertures de jusqu'à 21 pieds de large disparaître d'un seul coup. Grâce à notre production de vitrages à grande échelle, de grandes dimensions de vantail et des poids allant jusqu'à 400 kg peuvent être atteints. Profitez d'une vue imprenable et d'une esthétique impressionnante avec notre sélection de choix d'ouverture.

Options de conception

Haute performance

Portes en bois en aluminium d'ascenseur et de glissière européennes faites sur commande Portes coulissantes à faible valeur U à triple vitrage
Portes coulissantes haute performance Portes coulissantes européennes en aluminium à triple vitrage NeuFenster Canada

Fonctions de sécurité


Comfort Drive

Upvc et Upvc - Aluminium
Portes européennes levantes et glissanted Portes de patio coulissantes en aluminium d'Upvc de valeur U de haute performance de bas
Bois - Aluminium
Portes européennes levantes et coulissantes Portes de patio coulissantes en aluminium en bois à efficacité énergétique triple vitrées

Lift and Slide Doors in Canada

Neufenster’s Lift and Slide Doors are a luxurious product that brings a whole new dimension of elegance and comfort into your home. Enjoy stunning finishes, seamless operation, and expansive views with our large openings available up to 19 feet by 9 feet high in 2 panels. Our lift and slide doors help save on energy bills, are a better space-saving option, and offer better security and soundproofing than traditional sliding doors. UPVC/Aluminum Lift and Slide Doors have a simple operation, courtesy of sophisticated operating hardware. Aluminum-Wood Lift and Slide Doors can be motorized and remotely operated, thanks to an innovative hardware system that lifts the doors off their track and activates them.

Floor-to-ceiling glass corners are a creative way to add grandeur and openness to both interior and exterior living spaces. Our lift and slide doors are perfectly fitted to your home’s unique qualities with custom colors, design solutions, finishes, and more. UPVC Lift and Slide Doors offer an abundant amount of natural light- all without compromising your home’s energy efficiency. Available in a variety of exterior finishes and design options to best suit the surroundings, UPVC/Aluminum Lift and Slide Doors bring the outdoors in, making them a great choice for homeowners who want the widest viewing windows.

Benefits of Lift and Slide Doors

Lift and slide doors have many benefits and added features that make them better for homeowners than traditional sliding doors. Not only are you getting robust hardware with bigger panels and higher-performing glass, but the most noticeable benefit is their smooth, effortless operation. Typical doors are very tight and need constant effort to open and close, and this can wear out the door’s seals. Our lift and slide doors are equipped with superior quality EPDM gaskets and better compression due to the unique hardware. The handle engages the hardware to create a nice tight seal, so you won’t get any air infiltration.

Lift and slide doors will help you save on energy bills because they are equipped with 56 MM thick triple-pane high-performance glass. The surface of the glass pane has also been coated with a thin layer of metallic oxides which helps reflect heat away in the summer, thus, providing your home or cottage optimal comfort. The high-performance glass allows the sun to warm up your home during winter months as well, thus, providing comfort and energy savings all year round. An ordinary glass window will consume more energy because it isn’t as performant, which will result in higher energy consumption.

Not only do our sliding patio lift and slide doors have excellent thermal efficiency, but they are also extremely soundproof due to the thickness of the glass panels. All of our UPVC/Aluminum or our Wood/Aluminum as well as our all-aluminum Lift and Slide Doors are designed for superior noise insulation and very low sound transmission, resulting in minimal sound entering your living environment.

The smooth operation makes our lift and slide doors easy to operate. They have a meticulously built operating panel to activate the hardware with simple fingertip actions that most people find very intuitive and effortless to use. In addition, there is a hidden retractable handle that allows a homeowner the most unobstructed access to these doors.

The smooth operation makes our lift and slide doors easy to operate. They have a meticulously built operating panel to activate the hardware with simple fingertip actions that most people find very intuitive and effortless to use. In addition, there is a hidden retractable handle that allows a homeowner the most unobstructed access to these doors.

Lift and slide doors come equipped with modern technology including child safety locks, and the option for alarm sensors. Child safety devices are essential because most kids can get into the outdoors by themselves, and a typical glass window doesn’t provide enough childproofing. Furthermore, typical glass windows are notorious for being broken into, resulting in broken windows and ruined doors.

Our lift and slide doors take up a lot less space than traditional sliding glass doors and save you valuable floor space. They can be used much more efficiently, resulting in more functional space all around your interior doors/windows. This means that one door can replace all doors.

Lift and Slide Door Features

The large dimensions of these lift and slide doors allow openings of up to 21 ft wide to disappear with a single stroke. Thanks to our large-scale glazing production, large sash dimensions and weights of up to 400 kg can be achieved. Enjoy inclusive views and a stunning aesthetic with our selection of opening choices.

Haute performance

  • Triple vitrage

  • Conception de seuil bas en fibre de verre

  • UW à partir de 0,64 W / m²K

  • Excellente réduction de son

Extra Security

    • Standard Multipoint Locking System of up to 1,000 lbs.

    • Panneaux en verre trempé
    • Capteurs d'alarme disponibles

    • Verrous de sécurité pour enfants

Comfort Drive

    • Poignée rétractable cachée

    • Bon fonctionnement électronique
    • Intégration Smart Home disponible

    • Paramètres de sécurité pour enfants

Why Choose Our Lift and Slide Doors for Your Dream Home in Canada?

At Neufenster, we care about the quality and performance of our lift and slide doors and ensure they are delivered and installed seamlessly. We have local and expertly trained professionals who will work with you from start to finish. We know that the best lift and slide doors are well-engineered doors that will provide you with the widest view from within your interior space. If you would like to know more about lift and slide door costs, please contact us to get a personalized quote. Find out why so many Canadians have already chosen us as their home improvement experts for windows and doors today!

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