Fenêtres en bois-aluminium

Fenêtres en bois-aluminium

Dans le cadre de la façade, les fenêtres sont exposées aux éléments, le bois étant particulièrement sensible. La solution: une coque en aluminium durable protège le cadre extérieur de la fenêtre.

Le système composite intelligent de bois, de mousse à haute isolation thermique et d'aluminium offre plusieurs avantages. Le noyau en bois améliore considérablement la rétention de la chaleur et les performances globales du cadre de fenêtre. Les fenêtres en bois d'aluminium Internorm conviennent parfaitement aux maisons avec les normes d'économie d'énergie les plus élevées, telles que les maisons Net-Zero et les maisons passives.

Les qualités de l'aluminium nécessitant peu d'entretien et de résistance aux intempéries vous permettent également de personnaliser votre conception avec une possibilité infinie de couleurs. La coque en aluminium est disponible dans tous les couleurs RAL. À l'intérieur, le bois crée un image naturel et chaleureux souhaité.


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Fenêtres sans cadre

Wood - Aluminum Windows in Canada

Windows not only add a trendy and modern element to any residence, but they also have their place in Canada’s cultural history, with their use of them going as far back as pre-colonial times when skilled craftspeople were needed to build the early, more elaborate homes. Today, Canadians still enjoy these highly-polished, low-maintenance, yet high-value-for-cash, products. What makes these Aluminum Clad Wood Windows so special? Aside from their attractive appearance, they’re highly regarded as some of the best window materials out there because not only do they have a protective aluminum shell on the exterior but also natural wood on the inside, making these wooden frames the perfect addition to your new home.

If you’ve been looking to Buy the Best Wood Clad Windows for your home, look no further. NeuFenster pride itself on having top-notch Wood Aluminum Windows in Canada and our Canadian suppliers are highly regarded and highly respected, ensuring that all our customers’ new and existing homes are provided with high-quality products. Aluminum Clad Wood Windows Price varies, and to better serve you, it’s best to contact us to get more accurate pricing.

Benefits of Wood - Aluminum Windows

There are many benefits when it comes to Real Wood Aluminum Windows which include long-term durability, noise resistance, and much more. Below are just some of the many benefits you can expect to get with your new windows!


Wood Aluminum Window Materials are extremely durable, making them ideal for luxury homes and modern architectural projects. These two materials combined are the perfect window type because aluminum is a lightweight and highly versatile metal, and wood has both durability and beauty, making it the perfect window combination.

Return on Investment

With your new windows, you can expect to get as much as a 70% return on investment. This makes it one of the best investments for homeowners, and when you choose energy-efficient window materials such as aluminum cladding, you will benefit long term. Think of your new windows as an investment for your future!

Noise Resistance

When it comes to noise reduction, mix triple-pane glass windows with aluminum-clad wood windows and you have the perfect recipe for noise reduction! Wood already has natural insulating properties, making it great for absorbing sound.

Efficacité énergétique

Wood is known to be energy efficient because it’s a natural insulator and preserves all the heat and warmth. When combined with high thermal insulation foam, Aluminum Windows are incredibly energy efficient and you’ll get the best of both worlds with these materials.

Why Choose Our Wood Aluminum Windows for Your Dream Home in Canada?

Most windows don’t have the appeal and quality that Aluminum Clad Wood Windows has. Not only are they low maintenance, but they’re also extremely versatile and if you want color options, then these are the perfect windows for you! If you want to Buy Wooden Aluminum Windows, we have the Best Aluminum Clad Wood Windows on the market, and we pride ourselves on providing you with exceptional high-quality products that you won’t be disappointed with.

FAQs regarding Wood - Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows have a combination of the two terms “aluminum clad and timber”. The aluminum cladding consists of about 75% recycled or natural products, such as wood, metals, alloys, and other products that have been mixed to achieve that final look.

When properly maintained, Aluminum Clad Wood Windows have an unlimited lifespan. They can’t simply be replaced as they will last for generations to come, providing their full expected service life. They are also stronger and more durable than other materials such as vinyl windows.

Wood is meant to last a lifetime, and the answer depends upon the quality of the wood and how well it was maintained. However, you have to remember that the more the wood gets saturated with a protective layer of paint, the more likely any potential rot can set it into a permanent state. The only sure way to tell is if the wood itself has become discolored to a green-brown color, and/or the outer coating has become faded.

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