Directeur des ventes – Québec


NeüFenster est très heureux de vous présenter notre nouveau membre de l’équipe, Sylvain Imbert, qui assumera le rôle de directeur des ventes dans la région de Québec.

Le rôle de Sylvain comprend la direction du développement des produits Internorm avec les architectes, les constructeurs et les développeurs.

Cela implique la prospection de nouveaux partenaires, ainsi que la présentation et la vente de nos produits et services.

Une personne très intelligente et méticuleuse, Sylvain est bien informé et s’efforce constamment de trouver les moyens de répondre au mieux aux besoins de ses clients.

« Depuis mon début avec Internorm je prends un énorme plaisir à représenter des produits de haute qualité, ce qui me permets d’aller au-delà de la satisfaction de mes clients. » – Sylvain Imbert


Sylvain est nouveau au Canada, commençant ce parcours avec nous de l’Europe, où il a travaillé pour la filiale Internorm France.

Son rôle en France a consisté à développer un réseau de distributeurs, ainsi que la mise en place de constructeurs spécialisés dans les constructions passives, ainsi que le suivi des architectes.


Une passion pour le design et la construction a commencé à un plus jeune âge, car Sylvain a commencé à étudier la menuiserie au Gaudier Breszka à seulement 15 ans. À la fin de ses études, il a intégré des entreprises entant que contremaitre, puis responsable de production, et enfin, conducteur de travaux. Il a principalement travaillé dans la menuiserie extérieure.

Un individu très charismatique, Sylvain a toujours été un communicateur naturel, et avec l’influence de plusieurs fabricants, il a commencé sa carrière en tant que représentant commercial en 2011. S’appuyant sur ses fondamentaux techniques, la transition pour Sylvain a été facile, car il a su diriger clairement et informer pleinement, établissant ainsi une confiance bien méritée avec ses partenaires et clients.


Nous espérons que Sylvain s’installera confortablement alors qu’il commence son parcours passionnant et stimulant avec nous ici à NeüFenster, en plus de commencer une nouvelle vie avec sa famille à Montréal, au Canada.

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Bienvenue dans l’équipe, Sylvain!

Directeur des ventes – Québec

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Presenting Director of Sales – Québec

Welcome to the team!

NeüFenster is very excited to present our newest team member, Sylvain Imbert, who will be taking on the role of Director of Sales in the Québec region.

Sylvain’s role includes leading the development of Internorm products with architects, builders, and developers.

This involves prospecting for new partners, as well as presenting and selling our products and services.  

A very intelligent and meticulous individual, Sylvain is well-informed and constantly striving to find ways to best suit his clients’ needs.

“Since my start with Internorm, I have taken enormous pleasure in representing high-quality products which allows me to go beyond the satisfaction of my customers.” – Sylvain Imbert

Life In Europe

Sylvain is new to Canada, embarking on this journey with us from Europe, where he worked for the Internorm France subsidiary.

His role in France consisted of developing a network of distributors, as well as the establishment of builders specializing in passive constructions, along with monitoring architects. 

Sylvain's Journey

A keen passion for design and construction began at a young age, as Sylvain started studying carpentry at the Gaudier Breszka at only 15 years old. At the end of his studies, Sylvain continued on his journey in carpentry where he joined companies as a foreman, then as a production manager, and later as a supervisor. He mainly worked in exterior carpentry.

A very charismatic individual, Sylvain was always a natural communicator, and with the influence of several manufacturers, he started his career as a Sales Representative in 2011. Relying on his technical fundamentals, the transition for Sylvain was easy, as he was able to direct clearly and inform fully, therefore building well-earned trust with his partners and clients.

Warm Wishes

We hope Sylvain settles in comfortably as he commences his exciting, stimulating, and challenging journey with us here at NeüFenster, in addition to beginning a new life with his family in Montréal, Canada.

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Welcome to the team, Sylvain!

Presenting Director of Sales – Québec

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The finished installation of Hyphen Project

Our Collaboration with Hyphen Studio

The collaboration between Internorm by NeuFenster and the Hyphen Studio is one of a kind.  We are undoubtedly, extremely proud of this alliance. This collaboration has unquestionably resulted in a beautiful, magnificent and a highly energy-efficient custom home in the Greater Toronto Area.

Products Used for this Collaboration Project :

This small home looks and feels like a big space with installing Aluminum exterior- Wood interior HF 410 windows et HS 330 lift and slide doors. The large open windows and doors bring this rather seeming contrast to make the home very warm and well-lit.

The HF 410 is extra stable with I-tec core technology.  Laminated Veneer Lumber ( LVL ) makes up the structure of the window frame. HS 330 is characterized by the I-tec glazing feature. This provides continuous connection between the frame and the glass pane. This in turn, results in improved sound reduction and thermal efficiency. Both HF 410 and HS 330 provide excellent all-round protection with glass pane bonded. Further, the window sash ensures high-level of stability, thermal insulation, and security.

The Signature Style of the Hyphen Studio:

Showcasing the Hyphen Project
Installation Process of the Hyphen Studio Project

The installation of our large sized windows and our large floor to ceiling lift and slide doors have created bright and open spaces.

The warmth of the Hyphen Studio architects is felt abundantly in this home. This indeed, is the signature style of Hyphen Studio.

Collaboration in Installation:

Hyphen Project Window Installation
Vlad, our Window technician, assists the process on site.

Although Internorm By NeuFenster did not install the windows and doors for the project, we had our experienced window technician on site to guide the installation of the windows by the Hyphen Studio team.

A Low-Energy Home:

The Project is an excellent structure with efficient insulation as a result of installing our premium Internorm products. In conclusion, this home will bring you ever so close to the Passive House Standard.


Internorm window_comfort_regulated temperature

NeuFenster Partners with Nexcem ICF Manufacturers

What are Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)?

Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) are cast-in-place concrete walls that are sandwiched between two layers of insulation material, mostly expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation forms. The foam blocks are used as interlocking blocks, connected with steel reinforcing rods. They offer well-insulated, airtight, energy-efficient building enclosures.

How are ICFs energy-efficient?

In terms of energy related high-performance, ICFs are efficient in two main ways. First, they seal very well, preventing air leakage through the walls. Second, they have two continuous layers of insulation-one inside and the other outside with no thermal bridges. Most importantly, this is a great mechanism to reduce the air infiltration and thereby, heat loss.

How are ICFs installed in homes?

ICFs are premade block structures that fit together like lego pieces. As in, they have interlocking structures that lock into each other seamlessly. The outside of the form is flat sheets of foam insulation. These sheets are connected with plastic framework. During construction, the ICF blocks are fitted together, laced with rebar, and filled with concrete. This concrete holds the blocks tightly. states, “Homes built with ICF walls require about 44% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool than a comparable wood-frame house, based on a study of 58 single-family homes located throughout the U.S. and Canada.”

How are ICFs weather-resistant?

ICFs are highly resistant to earthquake/hurricane prone areas as they absorb shocks as well as withstand winds in excess of 250mph. As a result, they are greatly suitable for regions prone to severe weather because of their strong impact resistance.

Nexcem ICF blocks

Nexcem ICF manufacturers
Nexcem Insulated Concrete Forms-Superior Design By Nature

Nexcem standard non-thermal ICF block units have an insulation value of R-8 to R-12. Block thickness and inherent insulation properties of the Nexcem material determine the R-value. These units have a range of insulation values from R14 to R28+ (thermal mass not included). The higher R values are achieved by incorporated mineral fiber insulation inserts within the cavity of the ICF concrete unit at the time of manufacture. As a consequence, the thickness of the insert incorporated will determine the overall R value of the wall assembly.

How are Nexcem blocks different?

The choice to use mineral fiber insulation is deliberate because of its non-combustible and moisture resistant properties that complement the Nexcem material. Mineral fiber is a great alternative to Styrofoam. Nexcem is a leading non-styrofoam insulated concrete form manufacturer. The insulation inserts in Nexcem thermal blocks are positioned toward the exterior of the wall which results in additional protection and energy efficiency that is not possible with other insulated concrete forms. Since the R-values for the thermal units are based on the unit type, you can choose the optimal insulation value based on the requirements of your specific application.

Nexcem blocks’ R-value range between between R-8 and R-28. The Nexcem material has an R-value of 1.75 per inch. This means that all Wall Forms regardless of thickness have a basic R-value of R-8.2. The R-value of the 10?, 12? and 14? units can be increased by incorporating additional insulation inserts into the Wall Form at the time of manufacture.

However, Nexcem also incorporates other ICF concrete material inserts (such as poly-isocyanurate) for higher R-values upon special request. Incorporating non-standard insulation inserts could achieve an R-value up to R-40.

What does this partnership between Internorm by NeuFenster windows/doors and Nexcem ICF blocks bring to the table?

Partnership between Internorm by NeuFenster and Nexcem ICF Manufacturers
Internorm By NeuFenster Partners with Nexcem ICFs Manufacturer.

According to Imre Máté, the Director of Business Development of Internorm By NeuFenster, “it is of at most importance to build quality structures to fulfill the desires of the customers in terms of security, comfort and yet be sustainable. The partnership between Internorm by NeuFenster and Nexcem ICF is a bridge creating a system and an envelope that is symbiotic and effective in creating high-performance Passive House standard homes. In conclusion, without stronger and better insulated walls, installing high-performance windows is not effective and similarly, choosing to install ICF walls without better insulated windows is a futile investment!”

Further, this partnership stresses harnessing of the concept of ‘thermal mass’ to regulate the internal temperature of the homes. Above all, this will enhance the energy performance of our living spaces. In addition, it aims at reducing the negative impact on the environment and save energy bills in the long run.

A Call for other ICF manufacturers to partner with Internorm by NeuFenster

Internorm By NeuFenster would like to take the opportunity to call for other ICF manufacturers to partner with us and hence, lend us a hand in building quality homes in Canada.

Therefore, partnerships between quality products’ is very crucial to build a quality housing community.

Please contact us if you are an ICF manufacturer in Canada who wants to partner with us.