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Our aluminum curtain walls accommodate projects of all scales, from new construction homes to commercial buildings. Aluminum provides unparalleled design and performance flexibility compared to other materials, reaching stunning heights and creating unique architectural solutions. 

NF 52
Aluminum System

NF 52 Aluminum Curtain wall system

NF COR 80 Passive House Aluminum Insulated Windows Triple Glazed Windows Neufenster Canada

Take your home’s architecture to new heights with the NF COR 52. Create a focal feature with floor-to-ceiling views and a modern aluminum finish. Its unique construction  allows for many opening and fixed arrangements, such as hidden tilt-and-turn windows, curtain walls, and more. The superior durability of the profile accommodates both large-scale commercial and residential projects.

Triple glazed for maximum energy efficiency and comfort.

Minimum Glazing: 4 mm
Maximum Glazing: 64 mm

Excellent thermal efficiency, weather-proofing, and acoustic properties.

Thermal Efficiency: Uw from 0.6 W/m²K
Water Tightness Elements: drainage pipettes, tear strip gaskets and vulcanized angles

Several opening possibilities available:

Hidden Tilt and Turn
Hidden Side Hung
Hidden Top Hung Projecting

Generous dimensions create a stunning modern aesthetic and allow for plenty of natural light.

Maximum Height: 6 to 10 ft
Maximum Width: 4.5 to 8 ft

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