KF 520 is Everything You’ve Been Waiting For… And More

The Future is here

Introducing The KF 520 window

A uPVC/aluminum window, the KF 520 is the newest addition to our extensive list of premium windows. Combining innovative design with astounding technical features, this is the new generation of windows.

What can you expect from the design-window KF 520?

The Window Sash & I-tec Secure

A crucial part of the overall construction and durability of the window, a window sash holds the glass and the framework around the glass to keep it in place. KF 520 offers a seamless look as the glass appearance of the window sash allows it to not be visible from the outside.

Maximum security is a NeüFenster top priority for our clients. With the revolutionary locking I-tec Secure, levering of the window is impossible. Additionally, integrated flaps press on all sides into the frame interior when locking and thus ensure extraordinary burglary protection.

Let's Get Technical

Up to 46 dB for optimal sound reduction

Efficacité thermique
UW aussi bas que 0,63 W / m²K

Resistance class RC2; a fully integrated locking system

Profondeur de construction
uPVC: 90 mm | uPVC – Aluminum: 93 mm


The high-quality subtle square-edged handles match perfectly with the straight-lined design of KF 520 windows. Lockable handles or Secustik handles ensure even more security.

A range of special glazing options are offered to best provide our clients with optimal performance.

Optimize your interior and exterior design choices by choosing from our wide range of colours and finishes. 

The Future is Here 

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