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Customize your interior doors to your home’s unique design. Versatile, style-conscious and individual. Ideally suited to the way you live.

We offer several different styles of living so that you can give free reign to your imagination! Browse through them and find the one that is right for you. Whether it is classic, modern, timeless or country.

Roots: Living with natural materials

Nothing is perfect. Reserved colours and natural ambience. Wood is the central furnishing element. Do you love natural living? Take a look at our authentic Roots-style interior doors.

Wood and Glass Interior Doors - ROOTS Collection
Pure: Living here and now.

Modern living with clear lines. Reduced to the essential. An ambience of purism and clear contours with accents of colour. High demands for living design and materials. Looking for a contemporary atmosphere? See our line of Pure-style interior doors. 

Modern Flush Interior Doors - PURE Collection
Vintage: Living in cottage-style

Peaceful and harmonious ambience. Accessories combined with love for details. Cosy with a unique sense of charm. Warm up your space with our Vintage-style interior doors. 

Classic Wood Interior Doors - VINTAGE Collection
Timeless: Living in a contemporary classic design

Modern and traditional elements side by side. Classic design that never goes out of fashion. Exciting accents and breaks in style. Find our selection of Timeless designs to see more options. 

Wood Interior Doors Classic Design - TIMELESS Collection
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