Installation Windows and Doors

NeuFenster Premium European Windows and Doors - Installation Plus Services

Window Installation Services

In addition to selecting suitable, high-quality products for a new development or remodel, correct installation of the windows by an expert is very important.

Our Montreal and Toronto-based technicians are expertly trained by Internorm to install your new European window and door systems. NeuFenster Installation + Services ensure the fine-tuning of each unit and make any additional adjustments according to your home’s unique construction. 

For projects outside of Quebec and Ontario, our technicians travel across Canada and select US cities, to oversee the proper installation procedure on the construction site.

See our On-Site Consultation Package for more information.

Passive House Installation

You can be confident that your window and door systems are properly installed by our registered Internorm installers, especially when excellent care is needed for Passive House construction. In passive houses, windows have to be installed in the insulating level of the outer components, with particular care being given to an airtight connection to the component in order to avoid thermal bridges. 

An additional over-insulation of the frame significantly reduces heat loss. The decision must be made whether to install the windows before or after applying the thermal insulation. If they are installed before the thermal insulation is applied, metal brackets or metal plates are a common form of attachment. However, these must be checked for any problems with potential thermal bridges. 

An alternative is to use prefabricated window reveal elements with attachment options for window installation. These reveal elements are made from insulating material and feature a stop for the window, which reinforces the insulation of the window frame.

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