Aluminum Windows

Reach new heights.

Aluminum Windows

Discover our exclusive line of YAWAL Aluminum Systems, including tilt and turn, accordion, fixed, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Why Choose Aluminum?

Enjoy the high-performance qualities and generous dimensions of our triple glazed aluminum windows.  Our versatile aluminum window profiles are suitable for projects of all scales, from commercial façades to custom residential homes.

Tilt and Turn Triple Glazed Aluminum Windows with Moveable Mullion

Endless Possibilities

The robust qualities of aluminum allow for open-concept living spaces and support oversized dimensions of up to 10 ft.


Our line of aluminum windows offers several opening versions to accommodate all architectural and building requirements.

Tilt and Turn Triple Glazed Aluminum Windows with Moveable Mullion


Each model has been tested to meet Europe’s stringent burglary protection standards, with additional security options available.

High Performance

Thermally broken, insulated, and airtight window frames provide maximum energy efficiency all year round.

Tilt & Turn Aluminum Windows

Tilt & Turn Aluminum Windows

Our tilt and turn aluminum models exceed the industry standard with thermal foam insulation throughout the frame and the sash, triple pane glazing, and excellent sound reduction values. 

TM 77 HI Tilt and Turn Insulated Aluminum Window NeuFenster
TM 77  High Performance Triple Glazed Aluminum Windows for Residential Homes NeuFenster Canada
TM 74 HI Tilt and Turn Insulated Aluminum Window NeuFenster European Windows and Doors Toronto

Curtain Wall Aluminum Systems

Curtain Wall Aluminum Systems

Take your home’s architecture to new heights with curtain walls. Create a focal feature with floor-to-ceiling views, custom shapes, and a modern aluminum finish. 

TM 82 Aluminum Curtain Wall NeuFenster Canada
KF 410 Upvc Aluminum Triple Pane Tilt and Turn Windows European Energy Efficient Windows-3

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Aluminum Windows in Canada

Let your home’s architecture stand out even more with our aluminum frame windows. If you want to Buy Custom Aluminum Windows in Montreal & Toronto that offer both functionality and versatility, then you’ve come to the right place. Neufenster is a distributor of high-performance windows and doors and is pleased to offer its customers Residential Aluminum Windows. There are many advantages to getting aluminum frame windows, and they come equipped with different features including triple glazing and thermally broken frames.

If you’re looking for windows that improve energy efficiency and reduce heat transfer, then these are an excellent choice. Our Tilt & Turn Aluminum Windows come standard with thermal foam insulation throughout the frame and operating sash, so you’re getting quality windows. If you would like to know more about the Aluminum Windows Costs for your newly built home or commercial business, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

Benefits of Aluminum Windows

Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, there are many benefits to adding aluminum frame windows to your house or commercial façade. There is a variety of customization options to choose from including glassing and color finishes. Whether it’s for your patio doors or living room windows, below you will find the many benefits of aluminum windows.


The glass thickness and triple glazing make aluminum windows an extremely durable material, and they are also resistant to extreme weather conditions and will not crack, swell, or warp over time like other materials such as vinyl windows.


Compared to other materials, aluminum frames are less expensive and are a lot stronger than PVC and wood, making them a more cost-effective option for home and business owners.

Design Flexibility

Aluminum windows can range from simple shapes to very complex shapes due to their metal strength and flexibility, making them a great choice if you want a window that has a variety of different options to choose from. They are also very malleable, meaning they are made to measure for your home.

Thermal Efficiency

When you buy aluminum windows, you’re getting a high-performance material that is well insulated. This airtight window frame provides your home with energy efficiency year-round.

Easy To Maintain

If you’re looking for windows that require very little maintenance, aluminum windows are a good option and are an easy cleaning material as well.


The fact aluminum is 100% recyclable makes it one of the most sustainable materials out there, and many homeowners are choosing aluminum windows for the interior and exterior of their homes due to these features.

Why Choose Our Aluminum Windows for Your Dream Home in Canada?

When searching for the Best Aluminum Windows for your dream home, you have to take into account the appearance, style, durability, and heavy-gauge hardware that makes these windows a popular choice amongst home and building enthusiasts. Neufenster prides itself on providing its customers with exceptional custom-made products and superior installation.

If you’re looking to Buy Modern Aluminum Windows, we encourage you to request a quote and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the many different options so that you have a better idea of the aluminum windows prices and features you will be getting before making a final decision. We are experienced at manufacturing different types of products and will be pleased to assist with any needs you may have, and will ensure the custom-made touches you desire are put into every project.

FAQs regarding Aluminum Windows

Although originally used for commercial purposes, aluminum windows are now commonly used for residential homes due to their versatility. Aluminum is extremely robust and can support very large glass surfaces. Therefore, it is ideal for modern applications, such as floor-to-ceiling designs, panoramic views, and oversized dimensions. 

Aluminum windows offer much slimmer profiles, for those seeking a minimalist and sleek appearance. This is often difficult to achieve with vinyl windows, as they require a thicker frame in order to support the weight of the glass. In terms of energy efficiency, both our uPVC (unplasticized vinyl) and aluminum windows offer exceptional performance, with U values under 0.9 (W/m²K). Depending on the architectural requirements, aluminum may be the better choice.  

Aluminum windows can have a lifespan of over 30 years. Of course, not all aluminum windows are manufactured the same. Since aluminum is a conductive material, the window frame needs to be thermally broken in order to be energy efficient and to perform under our Canadian conditions. Modern aluminum window use non-conductive materials between the interior and exterior aluminum cladding to help reduce heat transfer & improve energy efficiency. Triple glazing, glass thickness, and the number of window gaskets also play an important role in the window’s durability. Additionally, optional protective coatings, such as anodization, reduce exterior maintenance and prevent rust. Our entire product line offers thermally broken frames, triple glazing, and three gaskets for maximum quality and long-term performance.

Thanks to their high load-bearing capacity, aluminum windows can reach heights of over 10 ft and widths of over 8 ft. Each unit is tailored according to our clients’ needs. Curtain wall systems are also available on request.

Yes. While they aren’t the cheapest material, they are still less expensive than wood and have features that make them worth every penny. Because aluminum windows are one of the best heat conductors around, this will help stop energy loss in your home or business.

Yes, because it is extremely strong and light, it can be applied to wood or other applications and is easy to paint and customize. This material can also resist UV rays and other elements compared to other materials such as vinyl.

The average price is between $400 – $1,200 per window installation, but this is just an estimate and it’s best to contact a Windows Specialist to get more accurate pricing.

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