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In 2015, we opened our head office in the greater Montreal area with our full line of European windows and doors on display at our showroom in Laval. Due to more stringent environmental and building standards in recent years, the Quebec construction industry has noticed the need to innovate and improve upon outdated codes. An important issue being, that North American windows and doors fail to provide the necessary performance required for our damp summers and freezing winters. Our products not only far exceed Energy Star and NAFS standards, but also offer Europe’s most advanced technological and design features. Waterfront homes, windy regions, or homes at higher elevations all require their proper selection of materials, insulation properties, glazing values, etc.

Why choose European Windows?

European windows offer great functionality, thanks to the tilt-and-turn operation, as well as unparalleled architectural opportunities. In comparison to casement, double hung, or sliding windows, the tilt-and-turn function offers several benefits including the ability to achieve stunningly large openings and generous dimensions, to create modern floor-to-ceiling designs, and to customize shapes. Additionally, European triple glazed systems save homeowners on energy expenses, maintenance, and repair costs. Our line of European windows is engineered to meet the toughest energy efficiency standards in the industry, including Passive House and Net Zero construction. For more information on the differences between European and North American windows, read our detailed description on our blog.

Our Certifications

Our products provide the utmost security and energy efficiency, adhering to Europe and North America’s most stringent quality standards. Using modern production facilities and receiving the industry’s most acclaimed certifications, our suppliers guarantee the exceptional durability and performance of each unit.

NeüFenster Installation+ Services

Servicing the Greater Montreal Area and all of Quebec, our in-house installation is carried out by our team of experts to ensure to proper adjustment of each unit. Installation of European windows and doors requires proper equipment and thorough technical knowledge of the product, as it differs significantly to that of North American windows. Our NeüFenster Installation+ services offer complete installation and adjustments, as well as on-site consultations for projects outside of Ontario and Quebec.

Drop by our showroom in Laval

Visit our showroom for a personal consultation with a NeüFenster product specialist. See our full lineup of European triple glazed windows and doors.

We are located off of Autoroute 440 O., just 15 minutes away from the island of Montreal.

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