Window and Door Design Styles


Find the design style that perfectly complements your home’s architecture and your lifestyle. Internorm’s four design styles outline the unique mounting of each tilt-and-turn window and door profile, as well as entrance door profiles. The details are in the sash and the frame. Choose from straight-lined edges to round and elegant finishes. 


The minimalist design of Studio windows and doors blend perfectly with modern architecture and illustrates sophisticated high-quality details. The flush-mounted systems are integrated into a consistent design, giving the illusion of a picture window due to the hidden sash. Fixed glazings and sash designs create bright spaces and a seamless transition to outdoor living spaces. Reach dimensions up to 6 metres wide for uninterrupted views. 


The edgy form and modern design of the Home Pure models emphasize the design concepts in question. The offset systems complement puristic architecture and demonstrate the balance between modern living and comfort. Home Pure stands for a high level of quality and design awareness. You can be creative and show your personality with a pop of colour, create a warm ambience on the interior with our wood frames, and more.


The soft-line design of our Home Soft windows complement homes that set subtle accents. The right amount of rounded details around the sash and the frame demonstrate elegance. The Home Soft collection bridges the gap between traditional and modern designs. For a classic aesthetic, enhance your home’s timeless design with our selection of integrated Georgian bars or feature bars.

Subtly Ornate

The Ambiente design style offers the best variety for home renovations or new constructions with the corresponding architecture. The classic form and traditional design of Ambiente frames give a home its unique character. Our extensive range of integrated Georgian/feature bars in various widths and materials gives you the creative freedom to add another elegant feature to your design. 

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