UPVC Aluminum Lift & Slide Doors KS 430

KS 430 UPVC & UPVC - Aluminum Lift & Slide Door

The KS 430 features a durable aluminum clad exterior and UPVC interior, also available in white UPVC for both. Lift-and-slide doors flood rooms with light and make rooms appear more spacious. Triple glazing ensures maximum thermal efficiency and sound reduction values. The glass fibre low threshold improves the door’s stability and reduces tripping hazard.  

Use in combination with all Internorm window systems for a consistent design throughout your home. The KS 430 offers a modern design and excellent comfort, combined with high-quality technology. 

I-tec Glazing ensures excellent stability due to the all-round bonding of the glass pane.

Read more about Internorm I-tec Innovations.

UPVC lift and slide doors, UPVC Aluminum Lift and Slide Doors


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