Window Installation Services in Montreal and Laval

The door and window industry is dominated by two styles of windows associated with two continents, North America and Europe. Despite the shared dominance, European windows have the advantage over their North American counterparts regarding efficiency.

This is where NeuFenster comes into the picture. Located in Laval, in Montreal’s North Shore, our business specializes in the European style window system with cooperation from Internorm’s triple-glazed and insulated windows. No matter what your project or request is, our local window installers will provide a service of the best quality, resulting into a unique renovation project from a North American perspective.

Differences Between North American and European Window Systems

The first point of difference between the two window systems is their styles. North America’s system creates what is called “double hung” and casement windows. Double-hung windows have operable sashes on the top and bottom of the window, allowing full movement. Casement windows open to a 90-degree angle towards the exterior.

  • This contrasts the more varied European approach, with tilt and turn windows that open inwards for better ventilation. In addition to all the colors they come in, European windows can be designed in a modern or minimalist style. This gives people an opportunity to personalize their home with aesthetics that are exotic to the average person in North America. To contrast, North American windows often come in the colonial style, presenting more familiar and less varied options for clients with a keen, original eye for visual appeal.

The average European window is tested for high standards. Both the overall quality and the energy conservation of a European window improve as a result. A more eco-friendly installation service, the European window system is designed to use as many resources from the sun and the air as possible, balancing out the circulation of warm and cold air. In comparison, North America’s system, for both windows and doors, is much more rigid due to lower energy costs.

  • Most North American windows are double pane, while in Europe, a window could be of the triple or quadruple variety, which improves the home’s energy efficiency. When a window in North America uses double pane, the space in between the glass is smaller, lowering the windows resilience to weather and its elements.
  • European windows use non-conductive materials, most notably UPVC, which improve window panes’ thermal efficiency. UPVC windows reduce the infrared and UV rays without compromising the amount of light that beams through the house. This spares your home from the summer heat and from losing wanted heat during winter. With this design, energy loss drops by 50 to 80%.

The cost and the benefits of the purchase are the most important factor to consider. European windows are designed to be a higher-end product for your home. Whereas, the typical North American double pane widows off a cheaper and less weather-resistant option for homeowners. It’s important to consider that when making the decision between the two types of window options, the cost of European windows will provide energy savings in the long run as well as noise reduction and longer durability. Therefore, when investing in your home you want to make sure that you not only choose your widow options based on pricing but also the benefits, longevity (60 to 70 years), and durability that only European windows can provide.

Windows Offered by NeuFenster

At NeuFenster, our clients can request customizable European tilt and turn windows that come in many different forms. Window replacement can be a daunting procedure. NeuFenster’s European widow experts will ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you’ll be provided with all the best options for your home renovation project.

Customers can request one of the following windows: standalone UPVC, UPVC with aluminum cladding, as well as all-aluminum windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, and windows with a wooden interior and aluminum exterior. They each have their own unique traits but consistently provide tight security and energy efficiency. Further details on our products can be seen on our website’s tilt and turn windows page.

Why Choose NeuFenster Installation Services?

Once exclusive to the average house in Europe, the continent’s system has been imported to North America and despite being pricier, more people are considering using it for both windows and doors. However, the North American option is still much more common, especially among people on a budget. We at NeuFenster wish to spread the superiority of the European system, most notably, the environment-friendly approach to windows installation when climate change is one of our biggest issues.

The European style’s more efficient approach to preventing condensation is a prominent feature when the installation occurs in an area where it snows for a significant portion of the year, such as in the Quebec and Ontario areas. Not only does NeuFenster offer a service that is considered unique for the North American windows and doors industry, but the partnership with Internorm also creates a level of quality and trust that only an innovator and leader in triple gasket and triple glazing for over 40 years can provide.

With the average European window’s durability and adaptability in certain weather conditions being amplified with Internorm, in addition to eco-friendly manufacturing, NeuFenster is the foremost provider of new European windows and window replacement services. If you wish to learn more and want assistance with making the right decision for the value of your home, please visit the NeuFenster website or contact us today.