Large Scale Glazing

Large-Scale Glazing

Minimalism, lightness, generous dimensions, and flush-mounted designs are fundamental characteristics of modern architecture. Hidden frames and large open areas connect living spaces to the home’s surrounding nature. Realize your vision of indoor-outdoor living with our range of UPVC, UPVC – aluminum, and wood – aluminum Lift & Slide Doors,  Frameless Windows, and Flush-Mount Windows.

Unlimited Freedom

Our goal is to offer our clients the most variety in terms of architectural style, while maintaining exceptional quality. Choosing the right materials sets the tone for interior spaces and emphasizes the façade’s architectural design. Frameless windows are ideal for modern spaces, for a minimalist and trendy aesthetic.

Bright and Open

Large glass areas extend your living space beyond its real borders and create the illusion of unlimited space. Maximum openness can be achieved with frameless windows, fixed glazing, all-glass corners, and generous lift-sliding doors. Triple glazing ensures excellent thermal insulation and toughened glass panes prevent injuries in the event of glass breakage.

For Big Ideas

Large-scale glazing opens up new possibilities for indoor-outdoor living thanks to Internorm’s advanced fabrication. In small batch production, large-scale units up to 12 m wide are produced. Combine our Lift & Slide Doors with Frameless Windows for expansive spaces and open living. 



  • – Standard toughened glass panes protect from injuries when glass breakage occurs
    – Energy efficient glass fiber threshold for optimum thermal insulation and stability
    – Unlimited choice of colors, due to aluminum surface
    – Burglary protection: resistance classes RC1N and RC2 available upon request


The innovative construction connection creates a seamless appearance, making your living spaces appear brighter and creating the illusion of transparency. The frame of the window is buried into the flooring, offering excellent stability, security, and a clean aesthetic. Operable windows can be used in combination with this window model, for greater functionality and design options. Choose from several glass options, including UV protection, glass thickness, glare protection, insulation, and much more.

  • – Frameless glass architecture
  • – Open bright living environment
  • – Create unlimited freedom with several design options
  • – Use in combination with other Internorm window and door systems


Our Studio flush-mount windows perfectly complement modern spaces with a clean and straight-line design. The hidden sash gives the illusion of a fixed window, however it is in fact operable. Larger glass panes improve the window’s sound reduction and energy efficiency. Choose the material that is best suited for your home:

  • – UPVC
  • – UPVC – Aluminum
  • – Wood – Aluminum
Flush Mount Design Windows and Doors - STUDIO

Upvc Windows

Upvc - Aluminum Windows

Wood - Aluminum Windows

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